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    Tells the true solar time anywhere in the world using just the power of the sun, achieving surprising accuracy estimated by experts to be better than +/- 10 minutes! Crafted by our family of watchmakers for over 25 years in the same small workshop near Graz in Austria! Measures just 60mm / 2.36 inches in diameter, fitting easily in your pocket and meeting the international sizing standard for pocket watches too! Solid brass & steel construction, with artisan black ink and every third sundial fully disassembled & checked to ensure quality! Inspired by the historic Universal Equinoctial Ring Sundial, currently on display at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich! Can also be used as a precise compass once set up, making a truly versatile instrument!


  • Built in Austrian, Kala sundial display hand crafted beauty.
  • The three dimensions work together like clock-work, bringing ancient calculations into a modern function.
  • A contemporary design of a historic timepiece, the Kala Sundial can also be used as a sun compass, a model of the world, or worn as a piece of jewelry.
  • The Kala Sundial comes complete with contemporary gift packaging, and a detailed 14-page instruction manual.


Ancient Beauty - The Pocket Sundial is based on the universal equinoctial ring sundial, a historic sundial used by ancient sailors and mathematicians. This particular type of sundial also indicates the true North and is aligned with the axis of the Earth. This piece is a contemporary response to a historic timepiece, and can also be used as sun compass and a piece of jewelry.


The ring dial is a sun dial suitable for various locations (latitudes) and times of the year. The dial is first set to the correct latitude. To aid, this (very sall) ring dial has the latitudes of Antwerpen, Vienna (Wien), Heidelberg and Bologna engraved on the rim of the dial. Setting the latitude is done by rotating the entire instrument relative to its hanging point. Next the hour ring is moved perpendicular to the latitude ring. Finally the month of the year is set using the sliding hole. By orienting the hole towards the sun, a small circle of light is created on the hour ring allowing the user to read the time. A true pocket watch from another era.





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