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Colossus Hobbies & Gifts JOY EMPORIUM Has the most amazing kit of toys, games and gifts for every age and personality. Every imaginable class and style of recreation and fun is brought to you at the lowest discount.

COLOSSUS MECHANIX Fidget Spinner, Linkage Bike Chain Spinner Design 2 Gears Figity Spin Finger Games, Metal Stainless Steel Durable Mechanics with Smooth Bearings, Premium Fidgit Toy


  • COLOSSUS MECHANIX Fidget Chain, Delicate Gift for Adults and Kids - Gold (Screwdriver Included).
  • Made by Metal Stainless Steel with Stable Bearing, Each Chain is Made of High Quality Steel, Firm and Smooth. It will make a Delicious Mechanical Chain Sound When You Rotate it.
  • Bike Sprocket Chain Design, 2 Golden Roulette, Mechanics Toy. (Kindly Remind: The Internal Parts are Coated with Lubricating Oil).
  • Simple, Discrete and Fun, Also Effective for Focus and Deep Thought. Great Kill Time Toy for Computer Working Relax, Loading Game and Studying.


Get This Exquisite Fidget Toy By MECHANIX And Relieve Your Stress And Anxiety - Starting Today! Do you often find yourself being overstressed or worrying about almost everything? Are you in the market for a simple solution that could help you with your anxiety? If yes, then MECHANIX has just the thing for you. it’s called a sensory Fidget toy! High Quality Sensory Integration Spinning Toy For Adults Made of Metal Brass, our sensory processing toy is ideal to help you or your to relax, let go off stressing thoughts and relieve anxiety. In addition to that, sensorial toys like our are also suitable to help people trying to quit a variety of stress-related bad habits such as drinking, smoking or nail biting. Follow the three simple steps and lighten up your head in a matter of minutes: Hold it in your hand.Set it spinning.Shift your attention to it - and BOOM! After a few minutes you’re already feeling better! Suggested For A Variety Of Stress-Related Conditions! A great number of therapists around the world recommend anxiety relieving toys as a healthy and effective way to control your stress levels and decrease your anxiety, and research shows that they are indeed very helpful. In addition to that, they are also considered to be of great help for people with nervous energy or anxious time during work. - and, apart from all their benefits, don’t forget that they’re also super fun! So, What Are You Waiting For? Order Your Own Premium Quality By MECHANIX Today! Just Click Add To Cart!

Best Seller

1. Bike Chain Spinner Design & Sprockets Chain Fidget Toy: The fidget spinner designed from precision metal material and has stainless steel bearings. The combination of high-quality materials & 2 silent steel bearings gives this spinner ultra-smooth spinning experiences and longtime durable usage.
2. Spinning Toys to Spin Away Bad Mood: It can help to stop unwanted habits such as unfocused or smoking. Instead of anxiety you can simply spin the fidget spinner and play with it. What's more, It can also help with EDC, ADHD focus problem.
3. Benefits Of Fidget Spinners In Elderly: Bike chain gears fidgets spinner not just for adult/children but for those elderly as well. Because spinner can fit for anybody, it can help strengthen the muscles in the hands and fingers to maintain the ability to use them.
4. Boredom Buster Fidget Toy: Spin your Fidgets Away! Relieve some anxiety and stress or improve your focus in any stress/ boring time situation with this fun spinning toy. Children & adults of all ages are mesmerized!
5. Mini Pop Fidget Toy: Small fidget spinner toy can be held in your hand, finger fidget toy is pocket-sized and highly portable. Fidget Toy are very suitable for office, home, station, travel. Making every moment more fun! It will bring you endless fun and let the anxiety go away.

Material: Metal
Product Color: Silver, Gold, Black, Gold + Black, Silver + Gold, Silver + Black
Package Size: 7 x 4 x 1.5cm
Package Weight: 58g, 120g, 28g

Package Included:
1 / 2 x Bike Chain Gear Fidget Spinner
1 x Replacement Chain


   With pocket-sized, portable and small enough to be played with one hand, these magnetic fidget slider toys can be kept in your pocket, and your boring time will pass quickly, and you will be happy even when you are alone.
   The sprocket fingertip toy not only relieves some anxiety and stress, or distracts you from any stressful/boring time situation, but also helps to strengthen the flexibility of the muscles of the hands and fingers. Suitable for children, adults and seniors, I believe it will bring you fun and surprises.
It is constructed of metal material.
   The length of this product is 6cm, the width is 3cm and the height is 1.2cm.
Fidget Toy are very suitable for office, home, station, travel. Making every moment more fun! It will bring you endless fun and let the anxiety go away.





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