O'Brien System Wakeboard


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Product Overview

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O'Brien® System Wakeboard brings great first boards for anyone getting into the sport and the perfect extra wakeboards to keep on hand for adventurous friends. With an extra-buoyant foam core, the System Wakeboard makes getting up and riding virtually effortless. Once up, riders will appreciate the dual channels at the tip and tail, while center-mounted fins engage to ensure smooth tracking and easy edging. This precision design delivers outstanding stability and control. As riders progress, they'll appreciate the System's predictable nature and how easy it is to ride. It's the perfect wakeboard for learning.

  • Continuous rocker
  • Extra-buoyant foam core
  • Grab rail
  • Dual, removable attack center fins
  • Great stability and control
  • Clutch bindings


  • Affordable Performance: Exceptional performance at a budget-friendly price. Continuous Rocker design ensures stability on the water and predictability off the wake, making it an excellent choice for riders just starting out.
  • Pro-Level Features: Deep, dual-barrel channels at the tip and tail, combined with center-mounted Attack Fins, ensure predictable tracking and easy edging and even pro-level riding if you aspire to that. Our pro team riders love this board.
  • Effortless Get-Up: Our extra buoyant foam core makes it incredibly easy to get up and out of the water, ensuring a frustration-free experience for beginners.
  • Versatile and Ideal for Friends: The System Wakeboard is not only perfect for newcomers to the sport but also a great addition to your boat. If you have friends or family members who want to try their hand at wakeboarding, this easy to ride board is the ideal choice for sharing the excitement.
  • Your size Clutch bindings are already mounted on the board making you able to ride sooner!


O'Brien System Wakeboard with Clutch Bindings

Perfect wakeboard package for getting started

The System wakeboard and Clutch bindings offers performance at an affordable value. Its Continuous Rocker keeps the board stable on the water and predictable off the wake. The System also uses dual channels at the tip and tail and center mounted Attack Fins to ensure predictable tracking and easy edging. To top it off, its extra buoyant foam core makes getting up and out of the water as effortless as can be. These features make the System a great board for anyone just getting into the sport.


Get the learning curve out of the way and get to the real fun faster with the Obrien System Wakeboard. With its' continuous rocker and three fins, the System provides a predictable and stable ride both on and off the wake. Riders can add and remove the center fin to allow for their desired drag and stability. An extra buoyant foam core helps learning riders get out of the water and on their feet.





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(No reviews yet) Write a Review