Premium Pioneer 100 XR Angler Kayak


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  • 10 ft. sit-inside kayak
  • Perfect for beginners and anglers alike
  • Offers excellent maneuverability and stability
  • Constructed with Pelican’s patented RAM-X™ PREMIUM material
  • RAM-X™ PREMIUM material offers lightweight durability and rigidity
  • Ergonomic carrying handles for easy and efficient transport
  • ERGOCOAST™ portable seating system allows you to remove the seat
  • Adjustable footrests and premium knee pads for cushioned comfort
  • Upgraded hatches with storage bags for easy transport of gear
  • Bottle cage and secondary bottle holder for hydration on-the-go
  • Two (2) 1” rigging tracks for mounting a camera and other accessories
  • Style: PIONEER100XR


Comfortable: The premium quality Ergocoast seating system can easily be removed from your kayak which also makes it a great beach chair!

Premium Features: Includes one back quick lock hatch with storage bag and a storage platform with bungee cords. This kayak is also equipped with adjustable footrests, premium knee pads, a bottle cage and a secondary bottle holder. For your convenience, there is also two 1 in. rigging tracks to install your favorite Pelican accessories as well as a paddle tie-down to keep your hands free when necessary.

Safe: Added floating blocks on each side of the kayak along with a flatter hull type ensures you safety and peace of mind during your ride. Holds a maximum capacity of 300 lb.

Stable: The Twin-arched Multi Chine Hull offers excellent stability giving you a secure and steady ride. It also makes it incredibly easy to get in and out of the kayak.

Lightweight: Our kayaks being made with exceptionally durable high molecular density polyethylene, less material is needed to produce each boat. Weighing only 43 lb along with its ergonomic carrying handles, it's the perfect kayak for those looking for easy storage and transportation.




The PIONEER Recreational Sit-in Collection is ideal for the paddler looking to enjoy a stable and relaxing kayaking experience during the cool or warm season on calm and slow moving waters. Built using our Twin Arched Multi Chine Hull, these kayaks provide excellent stability and combined with our spacious cockpits, getting in-and-out of a kayak, has never been easier!

  • Features: Adjustable footrests, Cockpit table ,Drain plug,Ergonomic carrying handles, Paddle tie-down and Premium knee pads for maximum comfort
  • It comes equipped with Pelican’s ERGOCOAST portable seating system, which allows you to remove your seat from the kayak to use anywhere else.
  • A bottle cage and secondary bottle holder keep your drinks within reach and we’ve also included two 1” rigging tracks, perfect for mounting a camera or other fun accessories
  • 120" X 29" X 12.75"
  • 42 lb / 19.05 kg
  • Perfect for all sizes of paddler




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(No reviews yet) Write a Review