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The new Sonic 185 is 100% Ready to Fly (RTF) and powered by a 200 Watt Brushless motor with folding propellers. This work of art is designed for easy transportation and superior performance. The designs are beautiful and easy to spot. It's made of crash resistant flexible foam so that you can fly longer without having to worry. This plane is no joke when it's in the air. The traveling range is around 100 meters and with that you can take over any park.

Perfect for all levels: Beginners, Middle-level users, or Experienced Pilots
100% Ready to Fly (RTF)
Made of crash resistant flexible foam material
Split wing design for easy transportation
Carbon-fiber wing joiner
Powerful 200 Watt Brushless Motor with folding propeller
Professional 4-CH FM transmitter
Ready built glider with all electronics installed: Brushless motor, 35A Brushless ESC, 4 pcs high torque micro servos
Li-Po battery pack 1800mAh 11.1V
Automatic Li-Po Balance Charger
Main power supply for Balance Charger
100 meter range

Wing Span: 1850mm
Length: 1090mm
Weight RTF: 980g
Electric Motor: Brushless 200W
Battery: 11.1V 1800mAh 15C Li-Po
ESC: 35A
Radio: 4CH, 4 Servos (9g)
Package Contents:
Dynam Sonic 185 4CH Remote Control Plane Brushless 200W Motor
Professional 4-CH FM Transmitter
Receiver, Brushless, ESC, and 4 Servos pre-installed
Main Power Supply for Li-Po balance charger
Automatic Li-Po Balance Charger
High power Li-Po battery-pack 11.1V/1800mAh


This great looking glider is made from tough EPO foam and being plug and fly, requires minimal time for assembly.

Powered by a 200w brushless outrunner motor that has been prefitted, along with the ESC, this great sized glider has plenty of power to reach altitude quickly, it is full four channel and all servo's have also been pre-fitted. The fuselage features carbon fibre rods running down it's spine to eliminate flex and the 2 pc removable wing not only makes the Sonic practical, it also features a large CF wing joiner for stiffness.

This is an excellent quality and great looking glider that is a good size, is cheap to get into the air and will last for years to come, on the right day, the Sonic will give fantastic flight times with great flight performance, a great PNF glider that will appeal to all RC pilots!







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(No reviews yet) Write a Review