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Colossus Hobbies & Gifts JOY EMPORIUM Has the most amazing kit of toys, games and gifts for every age and personality. Every imaginable class and style of recreation and fun is brought to you at the lowest discount.


Complex metallic shape designed to twist your mind with gravity-defying optical illusion. Spin it and witness the magic in front of your eyes.

  • Innovative Design - Gravity Defying Kinetic Desk Toy adopts a unique hanging visual rotation design, which presents a stunning visual effect when the entire toy rotates. This design not only looks beautiful and elegant, but also adds vitality and a touch of elegance to the home space .
  • Advanced Material - Anti-Gravity Kinetic Desk Fidget Toy is made of advanced aluminum alloy material, with a superior texture. This material has good corrosion resistance and can maintain its luster for a long time, making toys always emit charming charm.


A seemingly levitating sphere trapped inside a continuously flowing helix. 

  • Silent operation - Desktop Suspended Gyro produces almost no noise during rotation, and does not disturb your work or rest during times of concentration. Silent design allows you to enjoy the fun brought by toys without worrying about noise interference.
  • Decompression and Relaxation - Desk Spinning Ormant is an excellent partner for relieving stress and relaxing the mood. Its rotating motion can bring visual enjoyment and spiritual comfort, allowing you to find a moment of tranquility and relaxation in your busy schedule.
  • Improving Attention - The rotation trajectory of Executive Desk Toy can attract your attention, gradually making you clearer and more focused as you focus on its rotation. It can help improve your focus and work efficiency, making it the best gift for friends


Boost your focus and elevate your space

Ever felt tired from the digital gadgets and overwhelmed by screens at your workspace? Take a break and let your mind fly into another dimension.

What we can share, however, is that Luna contains no magnetic or electric components. It's entirely a mechanical device, and its illusion is achieved through a distinctive, meticulously crafted shape paired with kinetic motion.

The Kinetic Fidget Question? We discover a simple answer  - observe this curiosity on your desk and you will have the coolest space in your office. Plus you will own the power of setting your mind in focus mode anytime you spin it. 





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(No reviews yet) Write a Review